The Queen of the Wooden Spoon… Why Anastasia Vitsky deserves her crown

The talented Anastasia Vitsky is arguably one of my favourite fiction writers in this genre… and perhaps, in any genre. I have the impression that she is pretty damn successful in her field and if you read any of her fiction then you will understand why. Not only does she have a knack for writing compelling and unusual storylines, evident from her range of books which I will elaborate on later, but, even more importantly, she has a particular talent for truly getting to the heart of a character. Her protagonists are complex women who are often struggling with their own desires and their understanding of the place that they carve of the world; heroines who are flawed, realistically human. There is nothing two dimensional about any of the Vitsky’s worlds and she touches a raw nerve with almost every book.

I could spend this entire post gushing about her qualities… and that is very tempting to do, but I may instead outline why I think she deserves the success that she has and why, if you haven’t read any of her books, you should! Continue reading The Queen of the Wooden Spoon… Why Anastasia Vitsky deserves her crown

Enthusiastically encouraging the writers of F/F spanking fiction…

“Enthusiastically encouraging the writers of F/F spanking fiction…” why, you may wonder, do they need any encouragement at all? Fair point.

I am an avid reader of all types of fiction, and a keen writer as well, but in this age of self-publishing and e-books there is still a niche (one I very much enjoy) that is hugely under-represented: the world of F/F spanking fiction.

Now this is an area that I would have thought would be ripe with possibilities, however, for various reasons, there are only a handful of authors who publish these books. Compared to the vast number and variety of M/F spanking romances (ranging from medieval to space-age) and even, I am led to understand, M/M spanking fiction, there are very few F/F e-books available. There are some authors who have managed to establish themselves, such as Loki Renard and Anastasia Vitsky, and I cannot commend them enough, but compared to the scope of M/F spanking there is very little available.

Why? Continue reading Enthusiastically encouraging the writers of F/F spanking fiction…