Who wouldn’t want to be spanked by a queen? Alyx’s fabulous F/F fiction

Who wouldn’t want to be spanked by a queen? Or a rockstar, for that matter. If you fancy F/F fiction and haven’t checked out Alyx’s discipline stories blog then you should…

The blog, Alyxfic, is an absolute treasure trove of F/F discipline fiction… though never published, as far as I can tell, she probably could have (or should have) at some point put these together into an e-book. I discovered Alyx’s work back in 2012; all of her works have soul to them, the kind of short fiction in which the characters draw you in and the action is almost secondary. This kind of heartfelt writing is a testimony to talent and it is a pity that Alyx has not continued to publish as frequently as she once did (yes, that is purely selfish, as she probably has a life to attend to – but if you read some of her stories you will understand!). 

As well as a plethora of one-shots, she has also written a couple of series. “Cassandra and Nicole” looks at snapshots of the relationship between the rockstar Cassandra Cristian and her lover Nicky. The series explores a domestic discipline relationship between the two and also has a host of well-developed peripheral characters who add humour to its main character’s adventures. It is particularly touching as the relationship between the two is based on remarkably equal footing, and touches on the emotional release and the depth of trust involved in maintaining a DD arrangement.

In her “Romance” category there is a set of three short stories all relating to the interactions between an apple thief, Rowan, and a queen – set in an unknown realm, this short series starts off as a discipline story with erotic undertones. The desires and misunderstandings of the two main characters drives the story to a the third instalment which returns to the two characters a number of years after their initial meeting. There is an enjoyable dynamic to this pairing set up by their social standing – something that is always fun to write and read about, for who doesn’t enjoy the image of an attractive queen as a disciplinarian? Particularly one whose compassion is as evident as her strength of will.

Though I love the two series described above, my personal favourite is probably the story entitled “the Pen is Mightier” for no other reason than the fact that the incident it hinges around is so easy to relate to. Who hasn’t done something, or considered doing something, childish as an adult? And who hasn’t wanted to go to ridiculous lengths to put right an accidental catastrophe? The protagonist, Erin, tip-toes towards trouble in this story and reasons her way through every bad decision… you have to feel for her when she finally has her comeuppance.

Check out the blog, Alyxfic, here: https://alyxfic.wordpress.com

And encourage her to write more! She is a talent that should not be lost…

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