The indomitable Loki Renard…

So to start off this rather odd adventure into exploring the authors of F/F spanking fiction, I feel that I have to start with Loki Renard. I cannot even remember when I first came across her work – but it must be a number of years ago now – and since then she has gone from strength to strength. To catch up with her latest endeavours I found myself on Amazon, which has no less than six pages of e-books available from her – an impressive accomplishment by any standard. She writes in pretty much every genre of spanking fiction, and in subgenera of every genre, with an established collection of F/F fiction alongside her heterosexual erotica.

What I like about Loki Renard’s work is that it is always unique. Someone else can discuss the detail of her extensive talents in the heterosexual arena, but what I like most about her work in the world of F/F fiction is that she seems to write it because she enjoys it. For years she has published a rather tongue-in-cheek online serial set within the fictional world of Lesbia. It is a meandering story which has developed its core characters over the years, and she has finally published the first couple as books under the umbrella of “the Chronicles of Lesbia”. It brings together humour with magic, interesting characters and the flavour of an epic tale. It often diverts down unexpected tangents, which keeps it interesting, if slightly perplexing. If you haven’t already been sucked into reading it then it is certainly an easy, light read to get started with.

In terms of her other F/F spanking fiction, Renard has an eclectic mix of stand-alone books. “Cuffs” which explores an unorthodox relationship between a police officer and her attractive superior; “Rigel” which follows the four women over two decades in there attempts at monogamy and polygamy; “Little Miss and the Law” about a lawyer and a journalist and “Witches’ Cat” which again delves into a slightly more magical world. Many of her F/F books focus on butch power-tops and the kink tends to be discipline-based with erotica. As with most spanking fiction, the protagonist tends to be headstrong, bright and dynamic and the relationship is often with an older, more mature woman. The books of hers that I have read have all been easy reads, though often shorter than I would like, but isn’t that the way with any novelllas of this type? With her clear success in the field of heterosexual erotica, I’m glad that she still takes some time to write F/F fiction from time to time and the continued meandering of Lesbia never ceases to be entertaining…

Check out Renard’s F/F fiction at her website:

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