Enthusiastically encouraging the writers of F/F spanking fiction…

“Enthusiastically encouraging the writers of F/F spanking fiction…” why, you may wonder, do they need any encouragement at all? Fair point.

I am an avid reader of all types of fiction, and a keen writer as well, but in this age of self-publishing and e-books there is still a niche (one I very much enjoy) that is hugely under-represented: the world of F/F spanking fiction.

Now this is an area that I would have thought would be ripe with possibilities, however, for various reasons, there are only a handful of authors who publish these books. Compared to the vast number and variety of M/F spanking romances (ranging from medieval to space-age) and even, I am led to understand, M/M spanking fiction, there are very few F/F e-books available. There are some authors who have managed to establish themselves, such as Loki Renard and Anastasia Vitsky, and I cannot commend them enough, but compared to the scope of M/F spanking there is very little available.


In general, there is an overarching belief that F/F fiction does not sell… whether this it the age-old chicken/egg problem of whether it doesn’t sell because it isn’t published is up for debate, but the result is that there are still few F/F fiction titles in general fiction let alone in the rather narrower world of spanking fiction. When I submitted a manuscript recently to a publisher the response that I received was that if I re-wrote it as M/F it would be published but, as it was,  F/F would not. This would take less than knocking the “a” off end of my main character’s name and adjusting a few scenes, but the whole reason I wrote the manuscript was to try to publish more of what I enjoy reading: F/F spanking fiction. At the time I found it much more interesting that it was the F/F that caused the problem with the publisher rather than the spanking or the sex and it makes me wonder how many authors have been asked to do the same thing.

In a rather darwinian way, I suppose it means that the F/F spanking fiction that does get published is of a much greater caliber than it would be if it was not so constrained by publishers. With such obstacles against publication, it makes it all the more impressive that some F/F spanking authors have succeeded with their manuscripts. I cannot commend them enough, and in an attempt to gather together the disparate threads of this niche little area I have started this blog to list publishing F/F spanking fiction authors and their works.

Any suggestions as to books or authors are more than welcome – and any like-minded enthusiasts as well.

3 thoughts on “Enthusiastically encouraging the writers of F/F spanking fiction…

  1. I publish a fair amount of F/F spanking fiction. It’s sometimes worked in with F/M where I have a female dominant, and sometimes it stands on its own. I would cite some examples but hesitate to self-promote on your web site.


      1. There are several. “Willow Wood Estate” and “Madeline Smythe” have a fair amount of F/F material.
        “Gwen’s Sorority Days” is all about F/F spanking.


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